An unsupervised way to find out “who spoke when” in an audio file where number of speakers are only Two.

Speech processing can be divided into 2 broad categories:
1. Speech Recognition: Contents of speech audio are detected
2. Speaker Recognition: Identify speakers in a conversation

Speaker Diarisation falls into…

Currently, there are lot of visualisation and statistics available around the Coronavirus spread all over the internet. With so much information and expert opinions, It is difficult to analyse the information and its impact on situations. For example, different nations are adopting different strategies to implement lockdown, following social distancing norms in affected areas and so on. There is no straight solution available to resolve the current situation as it also depends on many other factors to handle the situation carefully. This article is an attempt of forecasting and analysing Coronavirus (COVID-19) spread in India.



Coronavirus is an RNA (Ribonucleic acid)virus consisting of positive-sense single-stranded RNA of approximately 27–32 kb. Coronavirus belongs to the family Coronaviridae, which comprises of alpha, beta, delta, and gamma coronaviruses. The virus is known to infect a wide range of hosts including humans, other mammals, and birds. In India, 1.34…

Hello Researchers ! In this post, we will understand how to build an ASR system.


Kaldi is an opensource toolkit for speech recognition written in C++ and licensed under the Apache License v2.0. We can use it to train speech recognition models and decode audio from audio files.

Download and Install KALDI

You can…

Ravi Pandey

Data Science and Analytics

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